Thank you Ride On Video!

Thank you Ride On Video for a great video of Fleeceworks Royal dancing to the win at Rebecca Farm! So grateful to the many sponsors who make my job of competing easy. It’s the best way to perform your best when you never have to worry about your horse or equipment!! Tota Comfort SystemDevoucoux Bit of Britain FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets Kerrits Equestrian Apparel Samshield America Tucci Sweat Cosmetics Soless H-Visor Total Saddle Fit Professional’s Choice. The weekend wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you!


A letter to Dempsey.

When Noëlle Floyd messaged me and asked if I would write a letter to Dempsey my first reaction was, no way. But then one night in my times of insomnia I opened my notes and started writing. She said it would be therapeutic and it absolutely was.
Everything I needed to say in my heart. This horse touched my soul and I will be forever grateful to the group who allowed me to soar with him! – Tamie

Tamie Smith’s Letter to Her Partner Dempsey. 


Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors!

I am looking forward to riding MB MaiBlume at Rebecca Farm! We will definitely be sporting some of our favorite things including, our Samshield America helmets, Style Stock stock ties, Devoucoux tack, Tucci boots, FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips Professional’s Choice Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnetsbonnet, and our Auburn Labs APF Pro Fleeceworks saddle pads. Look out, Rebecca Farm here we come!

Marcus Greene Outdoor Photography


Heather and her horses absolutely soar with the help of their CWD saddles. Heather insists she has never sat in anything more comfortable and is convinced her horses feel the same way. I mean check out that jump!

Kristin Lee Photography