HITS Thermal

NLE had a great week at HITS Thermal this past week. Loved being able to get in the ring so many times with all the great horses.
Super proud of Betsey Strohl and Zia placing 4th in the Adult 1.10 Jumpers. It was great having the buddies Bec & Andrea part of the team too. Loved helping them and all the great horses!
Kaitlin & Brownie were awesome all week in the 1.15 jumpers and produced many clear rounds.
Judith McSwain’s Fleeceworks Royal jumped great in the 1.30s and is feeling amazing! The Kupperman’s, Daytona had a great first week at Thermal jumping in the 1.40s, MB Groups MaiBlume jumped clean in the 1.15 and Kevin & Gretchen Baumgardner’s Wembley clean all week in the 1.20 classes. It was also great to be riding the Payne’s Cheers & Shirley. They were both great and felt like they learned so much.
Thank you Clementine for all of your hard work! Kaitlin as well, you both were amazing help all week. Eric Markell & Ellen Ahearn for your wonderful hospitality!!! It’s truly second to none.
Thanks Mary Mck & Linda Paine for all of your help throughout the week and last but not least, a great week for Chloe Smyth & the Paine’s, Stag Party. Very impressed with both of these two!
Thanks you to all of our sponsors and owners for all you do to support our team!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 8.54.09 PM.png


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