Win a C4 Belt!

Our #Halloween obsession continues… and now it’s contest time!!!! Here are the details:
🎃 Guess how many candy corn’s are in the empty C4 case, and you will win a Halloween Belt of your choice, and a black pair of C4 Riding Socks! 👻

RULES: You can only guess ONE TIME per social media outlet. So, you get one guess here and ANOTHER GUESS on our Instagram (c4beltseq)!! And you must follow us on there as well, no exceptions. The winner will be chosen based on either guessing the exact amount, or closest to exact amount. Ties will be dealt with if necessary by either coin flip or “picking a number” chosen by our Director of Sales. The prize is a Halloween belt of your choice, no other patterns. Same goes for sock colors. Contest ends next Wednesday (10/11) by noon.

Now, guess away! ☠️👻🎃🍁🍂🎃 #c4contest#c4belts #c4halloween #welovefall



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