Big Month for NLE

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 5.01.41 PM.png
Tamie and Dempsey at Jersey Fresh
PC: Nicole Severino

Next Level Eventing has had a very busy past few weeks filled with lots of traveling, competing, and learning. Heather and Tamie have been competing on both sides of the country, and Mackenna recently traveled to England to make it a global affair for NLE.

To kick off the month, Heather had a successful weekend at the Galway Downs Spring Horse Trials, where she rode Katie Yozamp’s Wishbone in the Open Preliminary division to a fantastic top eight finish. She also rode Lucy Hawes’s Frysk Lok in the Open Novice division and after scoring a superb 27.8 in the dressage phase, had two educational jump rounds with this promising young horse to close out the weekend on a positive note.

Mackenna also competed at the Galway Downs Horse Trials, which served as her final event on home turf before she traveled overseas with Landioso. She contested the Open Preliminary with Peggy Moore’s Graceland’s Liebling and Kyrie McRoy’s Cheval de Tonnerre, who finished in 6th, and rode Judith McSwain’s Fleeceworks Ghost and Kaitlin Vosseller’s Graceland’s Lenox in Open Novice to 3rd and 9th place finishes respectively. It was a stellar weekend for both Mackenna and Heather and the perfect send off before Mackenna and Landioso left for England last week.

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Mackenna and Landi hacking in England!

While Mackenna and Heather held down the fort at home, Tamie traveled east to contest the Jersey Fresh International Three Day Event. She kicked off the week with a fantastic dressage test on Kevin Baumgardner’s Wembley, scoring a 45.9 to give them the overnight lead in the CCI3* division. She had an equally impressive test on the West Coast Dempsey Syndicate’s Dempsey in the CIC3* division, scoring a 45.7.

Unfortunately, Wembley wasn’t feeling quite like himself after dressage, and Tamie made the decision to withdraw him before cross country in order to be sure he feels 100% before tackling their next competition together. However, Tamie and Dempsey did brave the very wet cross country day, finishing well despite the difficult conditions and following it on Sunday with a solid show jumping round to take home a top 8 finish in the large and competitive division! Tamie was thrilled with him and was so excited to see his maturity bloom over the week.

After Jersey Fresh, Tamie remained out east to aim her horses for the Bromont CCI. She has been using the time in Pennsylvania to get some valuable training hours at the many incredible facilities nearby, including lessons with Olympian Phillip Dutton. She wants to send Heather and everyone back home a huge thank you for keeping everything running smoothly in her absence. It truly takes a village, and Tamie, Heather, and Mackenna are so grateful for theirs.

This weekend, however, Tamie will head back west to compete several of her other horses at the Woodside Horse Trials along with Heather. Heather will be riding in the Advanced division with the Team Express Group LLC’s Charlie Tango, and Tamie will be riding Judith McSwain’s Fleeceworks Royal in the same division. Heather will also be riding Lucy Hawes’s Frysk Lok in the Open Novice division. Tamie has three rides in the Open Intermediate division, Lucida LLC’s Glock Pullman, Sunsprite Warmbloods’s Sunsprite Syrius, and Katie Yozamp’s Wishbone. To cap off the busy weekend, Tamie will be riding Peggy Moore’s Graceland’s Liebling, Andrea Baxter’s Laguna Seca, and Katlin Vosseller’s The Hokuspocus in the prestigious Preliminary Challenge. Follow along with ride times and live scores here. It will be a busy weekend!

As Tamie, Heather and Mackenna prepare for the busy weeks ahead, they’d like to give a special thank you to their dedicated team of sponsors, supporters, friends, and family – they wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

NLE Finishes the Month Strong

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Ellie Leonard Photo

Next Level Eventing has had a very busy past few weeks filled with competitions and exciting learning opportunities. After the Galway Downs Horse Trials, Team NLE headed to the Twin Rivers Horse Trials and had great success across all divisions and levels.

In the CIC3*, Tamie rode both Kevin Baumgardner’s Wembley and Judith Mcswain’s Fleeceworks Royal to top finishes, with Wembley picking up the red ribbon for second! Both horses had beautiful dressage tests and added little to their impressive scores over the two jumping phases to finish in the top five at the end of the weekend.

In the Open Intermediate division, Tamie and Alexandra Ahearn, Ellen Ahearn and Eric Markell’s Mai Baum finished in third after an incredible dressage test, which scored a 28.2, and two confident jumping phases. Tamie also found success in the Preliminary, Training, and Novice divisions with multiple rides, highlighted by a win with Andrea Baxter’s Laguna Seca in the Open Preliminary division. He added nothing to his dressage score to finish on top.

Also in the Preliminary divisions, Heather Morris rode Peggy Moore’s Graceland’s Liebling, Teresa Harcourt’s Cooley Stonehavens and Kaitlin Vosseller’s The Hokuspocus all to top finishes. All three horses had fabulous dressage tests, with Cooley Stonehavens scoring a 27.7. They each followed it up with solid jumping phases to finish the weekend strong. Heather also had a successful trip with Kaitlin Vosseller’s Graceland’s Lenox in the Open Novice division to cap off her weekend.

For NLE Assistant Mackenna Shea, the highlight of the weekend was winning the CIC3* with her own Landioso. She started the weekend with a gorgeous dressage test and had two smooth jumping phases to come away with the blue. Overall, it was an extremely successful weekend for the entire NLE team, and Tamie, Heather, Mackenna, and their students were all thrilled with their horses’ performances.

This weekend, Tamie and Heather made the trip to the Bluegrass State to see the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. They’ve had a blast watching everyone compete and attending signings and special events for their fans and supporters!

Team NLE is looking forward to seeing what the rest of the spring will bring. They’d like to give a special thank you to their dedicated team of sponsors, supporters, friends, and family – they wouldn’t be able to do this without you!