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Tamie Grabs Top 10 Finish at Boekelo CCI3*

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 5.15.41 PM.png
Tamie and Fleeceworks Royal earlier this year

What a week!!! While Heather was holding down the fort in PA, Tamie and Judith McSwain’s Fleeceworks Royal crossed the pond to represent the United States at the Military Boekelo CCI3* in the Netherlands!  Tamie was so incredibly proud of Fleeceworks Royal for her amazing performance and their week was nothing short of amazing. “Rory” really gave Tamie her all last weekend their hard work paid off.

After starting the week with a gorgeous dressage test that earned a 26.8 from the judges, Rory skipped around the cross country easily and left all the rails in their cups on Sunday to secure a top 10 finish for themselves and for the United States! Not only that, but Rory also received the Best Groomed Horse Award courtesy of super groom Monique Coston.

From Tamie. “I’ve always been very lucky to have some of the best girls work for me throughout the years. Wonderful horsewomen who love the horses and can wrangle me. Monique you’re one of the best inside and out and this week was very special because you were here!! We riders can’t do our job best without a strong smart and caring right hand person and it truly shows how special you are by the result Rory gave us this weekend. “

Overall it truly was an incredible trip from start to finish and Rory really showed what a class horse she is. This is one special mare and Tamie couldn’t be more grateful for being able to have her entire team’s support, which makes this all possible. There are so many people that help keep her horses happy and healthy and allow her to keep growing into a better horseman. Rory has always been such a special mare and Tamie was  glad she was able to show everyone just how special she is last week.

Another huge thank you to Judith McSwain. She was Tamie’s first owner all those years ago as her rider was moving away and she is so grateful they picked her. She can’t thank her enough for the belief she has always had in her and the horses. She have made such a huge sacrifice to support her journey and she is forever grateful.

Thank you to the USET Foundation and Jacqueline B. Mars Grant for your generous support making this trip possible! Now it is time for Tamie and Fleeceworks Royal to get back to the States. Rory will be getting a well deserved vacation and Tamie is excited to get back to the rest of her team!

Thank you all!

Check out some photos from their trip below.