Tucci Boots

Tucci Boots are supreme quality. I’ve never had a better quality, lasting boot I know I can always rely on to be comfortable, durable and stylish!!! – Tamie


Exciting Day and Announcement!!

Thank you everyone who came out and rode in the Schooling Jumper Show today!!!

It was a huge success and happy you all had a great time!! It’s a lot of work to prepare for any event and I can’t thank the girls enough for all their hard work as well as the supporters!

Heather & Tamie will provide a ride your round and coaching option at the next competition so if you choose to want a mini clinic you can sign up ahead of time in any level.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


NLE Riding Academy

Exciting news!!! Kaylawna Smith is now starting to train the next generation!! Beginner child & adult amateurs wanting to learn about horses. Enjoy being surrounded by top professionals and also learning about riding yourself. Mini camps provided as well.
Programs are personalized for each student.
See flyer below for contact information or you can message on Facebook!!



It is almost Friday and we are celebrating with this video of Fleeceworks Royal jumping to the win at Rebecca Farm! She is so incredibly talented and I am so excited for his future! Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, Fleeceworks Samshield America Frilly Fillies Horse Bonnets Custom Saddlery Point Two Soless H-Visor Auburn LabsKerrits Equestrian Apparel C4 Belts Manna Pro Horse Professional’s Choice Nupafeed Devoucoux Total Saddle Fit Style Stock MDC StirrupsNunn Finer Products Tucci Sound Hoof Conditioner RevitaVet Summit Equine Nutrition Coat Defense FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips Nutrena Horse Feed.

Flair Nasal Strips

falir photoIt was an educational visit with Barkley from Flair Nasal Strips today teaching NLE the importance of the Flair Strip in both cross country and show jumping.

Many people don’t realize the confirmation of the nasal passage and how without a nasal strip can prevent the maximum amount of air into the lungs which can cause fatigue as well as lack of full recovery. After horses exert themselves over many cross country fences or even multiple show jumping courses, fatigue is generated and in order to make a full recovery they need the maximum about of oxygen brought into there system.

NLE doesn’t just compete with the nasal strips, we also gallop with them during conditioning.

Here are some pictures of proper application as well as pictures of the nasal passage of the horse. Hope you all enjoy!